Editors Forum: Growing Science and Technology Reporting in Africa

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    Kigali Convention Centre, Rwanda
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This forum takes place during the Next Einstein Forum's Global Gathering in Kigali, and will bring together editors from a number of leading regional media titles to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing science journalism in Africa.

The discussion will consider the media industry in Africa’s relationship with the scientific community, and explore the collective challenges faced by those seeking to communicate science to their readers.

The forum will take the structure of an informal round table discussion, together with a small audience of twenty interested observers.

Steered by Nick Perkins, a professional with more than twenty years’ experience working with media across the globe, participants will be encouraged to share experiences, discuss common barriers to scientific journalism, and identify opportunities to facilitate better media-science collaboration. The event is open to all NEF delegates.

For more information email Sarah Hebbes at [email protected]


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